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Deanna Radford

Implementation and Training Manager

As the Implementation and Training Manager, Deanna is working to support the new statewide automated Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) for the Indiana Department of Child Services. She has extensive experience with State Sponsored Business (Medicaid) for multiple states including Indiana. In previous roles Deanna has been an effective peer trainer, a benefits Operational Expert, assisted with training and streamlining system migration processes for an ever-changing healthcare industry.

Deanna’s passion for social responsibility and volunteering developed at an early age, fueled and inspired by her Grandmother Janice, who fought and marched for our voting and civil rights. At the age of six she took it upon herself to help her elderly neighbors by taking out their trash and completing other odd jobs for them. This led to her volunteer work at a local nursing home in Indianapolis, becoming a mentor for Indiana Youth Group, and eventually completing over 4,000 hours of volunteer national service with Americorps, via the Peace Learning Center at Eagle Creek.

What she appreciates most in her role with Transform Consulting Group is seeing processes working effectively leading to issues resolved for clients. She finds joy in helping others and seeing the accomplishments of hard work.

Fun Fact: Deanna is a musician, and plays a variety of instruments. Jazz trumpet is her forte, but has a love for tuba, french horn, guitar and drums. Deanna is also an accomplished writer and producer, she also successfully managed and signed a recording artist to a major label. Favorite Food: Pad See-Ewe and Yellow Curry from Thai Corner in Whitestown, IN Favorite Quote: “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi